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MBSR Program Objectives

By the end of this program, you will learn:

  1. The meaning of mindfulness 

  2. How to do formal mindfulness practices including the body scan, sitting meditation, walking  meditation, and gentle yoga postures 

  3. The meaning of stress and stressors 

  4. How to apply mindfulness to daily life activities to relieve stress and anxiety

  5. The difference between stress reactivity and stress response 

  6. The meaning of passive, passive-aggressive, aggressive, and assertive responses in the  context of mindfulness of interpersonal relationships 

  7. How to apply mindfulness practices in communication 

  8. How to apply mindfulness when dealing with physical pain and other body symptoms

  9. How to apply mindfulness when dealing with work stress 

  10. How to apply mindfulness when dealing with time issues

Course Sequence

In each class there will be periods of formal mindfulness practice, group discussions and talks, as well as practices and exercises related to that week's topics.


  • Arranged one to two weeks before the first class

  • Meet the instructor one-on-one to get acquainted and share your hopes for the course

  • Receive details about the course and ask any questions you may have

  • Held in-person at the Center for approximately one hour

Class #1

  • Mindful eating exercise

  • Guided body scan

Class #2

  • Body scan

  • Introduction to sitting meditation

Class #3

  • Yoga 1

  • Guided sitting meditation

Class #4

  • Yoga 2

  • Presentation on stress and mindfulness

Class #5

  • Chi Guong

  • Presentation on stress and mindfulness

Class #6

  • Discussion about pleasant and unpleasant experiences

  • Discussion about communication exercises

Class #7

  • Presentation on work stress

  • Presentation on time stress

Saturday Silent Retreat

  • Mainly silent retreat

  • Guided mountain meditation

  • Eating meditation (bring a lunch)

  • Mindful walking (outside)

  • Guided lovingkindness meditation

  • Stretching

Class #8

  • Participant feedback

  • Presentation on where to go from here

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