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Buddhist Studies

The Bodhisattva Path: The Six Paramitas

Registration Information

Wednesdays, September 25 - November 13

7:00-9:00 P.M.

$185 (members $165), material included

Members rate apply to all local Dharma centers. Reduced fees are offered as needed ; please contact the Center at (612) 781-7640

Enrollment for classes is limited, and early registration is encouraged. You may print and mail a registration form or register online.

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Basic Teachings of the Buddha

Before there was Buddhism, there was an historical figure from northern India who dedicated his life to investigating the human condition. After great focused effort he realized a way of life liberated from unease. At first he struggled with how to present his insights, but soon he devised a framework of teaching and training. This course explores the early discourses, discussions and dialogues that outline this framework.  
We will uncover the personality of the Buddha as he presents teachings and develops and encourages his vision of training. The course will include meditation, lecture, discussion, and reading from Basic Teachings of the Buddha by Glenn Wallis.

Taught by Ryushin Jan Freier & Kikan Mike Howard

Course description (PDF).

Basic Teachings Buddha.JPG

Registration Information

Wednesdays, June 12—July 31
7:00-9:00 P.M.
$185 (members $165), materials included

Member rates apply to members of all local Dharma centers. Reduced fees are offered as needed; please contact the Center at (612) 781-7640.

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