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Weekend Sesshins(Retreats)

A sesshin (literally, “to gather the mind”) is a time when formal Zen practice is the primary focus of what we do. Sometimes these are informally called “retreats,” but in actuality they involve going forward into the heart of our lives.


Participation in sesshin is open to community members and others who have had some experience with Buddhist practice and meditation. Each sesshin offers an extended opportunity to settle the mind and body and open to the deep wisdom of human life. These are excellent opportunities to strengthen and deepen the practice of presence, including benefiting from the support of others.

Weekend Sesshin


Friday, April 26, 7:00 P.M. – Sunday, April 28, Noon


This weekend sesshin will include sitting and walking meditation, Dharma talks, a work period, and an opportunity to meet with a teacher. It will also include three vegetarian meals on Saturday. Participants typically go home over night, but can stay at the Center with prior approval. Led by Michael and Joen O’Neal.

Location: Compassionate Ocean Zen Center

Fee: by donation



You may register online using one of the buttons below—select the option for  your preferred payment method (online or check).

Please register no later than Friday, April 19.

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