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Ope Caske

Fall 2023 Special Events - Fundraiser

Fundraiser  for Michael's Zuise

This Fall, Compassionate Ocean wants to help to fundraise for Michael’s Zuise trip to Japan, the next step in his training as a Soto Zen priest.

Our goal is to support Michael's journey by raising $8,800 – one hundred dollars for each of the eighty-eight Buddhist temples on the periphery Japan’s Shikoku Island. Visiting these 88 temples is one of the world’s foremost pilgrimage experiences.  Michael's Zuise and related training is an auspicious pilgrimage of its own.

All proceeds from this campaign will go towards supporting Michael in his travels to Japan.  Any money raised in excess of actual trip expenses will go toward our year-end fundraising.

What is a Zuise?

Compassionate Ocean is excited to support our guiding teacher Michael in his Zuise. In Japanese, ‘Zui’ means “auspicious”, while ‘Se’ signifies “the world”. The experience of Zuise signals the formal transformation of a priest from Shiho (one who has received Dharma Transmission) to Osho (teacher).


While on this trip, Genpo will serve as the Abbott for one day at both of the founding temples of the Soto school of Zen: Eihei-ji and Soji-ji.


After completing his Zuise, Genpo will receive the title of Osho. This is an important and beautiful step in his role as one of the guiding teachers at Compassionate Ocean.


This marks the next stage in Michael’s training as a priest in the Soto Zen Tradition, and thus, he will be a pilgrim to some of sites that are the birthplace of the Soto Zen Buddhism that we practice today.

Pie Auction Fundraiser for Michael's Trip to Japan

Compassionate Ocean Zen Center 

Sunday, Sept. 24, 9:00–11:15 A.M.

As part of our fundraising effort, we hosted a Pilgrimage Pie Auction fundraiser on Sunday, Sept. 24.

Thanks to all who made pies, bid on pies, or otherwise contributed to the success of this event. 

With this event, we have raised enough to cover Genpo's airline tickets to Japan. 

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